Supporting Nature

As I observe here at Hufeland Clinic, one of the interesting principals of the treatment is that of “supporting nature”.  Whenever a person breaks a bone, gets a wound, or gets a cold or flu, the main role of a doctor is to support the body’s self healing powers.  You might use a cast or stitches or prescribe rest with fluids but the truth is the body heals itself.

For some reason when it comes to cancer conventional medicine has a different approach.  Instead of enhancing or supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself we often attack the cancer and do so with methods that actually work against the body’s ability to heal itself.

Every person every day has cells that become cancerous.  Every day those cells are dealt with by our own body’s self healing powers.  So the first question that should be asked is “What is this mechanism within our bodies that naturally takes care of cancerous cells?”

The regulatory mechanism contains five things, the cells, the blood and lymph vessels, the nerves of the autonomic system, hormone producing glands, and the liquid surrounding the cells with all of its substances.  The second question to ask then is what is disturbing this regulatory mechanism and causing the breakdown of the natural healing processes.

Therefore here at Hufeland the first or primary focus is not on the cancer but on the underlying organic characteristics of the body system or the inner atmosphere, as I call it, which is allowing the cancer to survive.  While there may be a judicious use of more conventional methods when necessary, the process of working in harmony with the natural healing systems of the body is the primary focus.  The truth is we can help but only the body can heal itself.

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