Brain Freeze

In one degree or another most of us live our lives in a semi brain freeze. Experiences that have affected us negatively have shut us down and locked us into patterns of thinking and moods that are destructive to our physical health.

Someone who understood this said years ago, “The influence of the mind on the body, as well as of the body on the mind, should be emphasized. The electric power of the brain, promoted by mental activity, vitalizes the whole system, and is thus an invaluable aid in resisting disease.” (Mind Character and Personality p. 61)

I am becoming more and more convinced that a free mental state is of utmost importance to physical health. We have learned that not only does the brain communicate to the immune system but the immune system communicates with the brain. This requires all possible channels to be freely open.

Each week here at the Hufeland Clinic my wife undergoes what is called Auto-Hormone Therapy. They explain this as, “the passing of ultra-short waves through the brain and its hormone producing glands.” (thalamic and hypothalamic regions) What this does is to effect the metabolic systems by breaking up the “autonomic freeze” in the immune system. The autonomic system of the body controls all those things that happen without our conscious thought. (Heart beat, digestion etc.) It also controls immune responses.

We all know that it is true that when our brain is frozen up, downshifted or stuck, the electrical activity necessary for conscious mental and physical activity is diminished. We have all experienced it. But an even worse truth is that when we are frozen up even our autonomic or unconscious brain activity is diminished and our whole physical system is at risk.

Therefore, “be renewed in the spirit of your mind.” (Ephesians 4:23) Have “a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7)

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