Paradigm Shift

As I observe what they are doing here at the Hufeland Clinic I’m struck with the words paradigm shift.

A bit of history I read in the book Cancer, Outside the Box. It spoke of the early development of medicine in the United States. In the 1800’s there were two basic approaches developing. One approach was the idea that disease was an invader that needed to be attacked from the outside with medicines. Sometimes this approach is good.

The other approach was the idea that disease came about because of the breakdown of the body system and its own ability to counteract a disease. The idea was that one needed to address the problem in the system then let the system prevent and correct disease.

Because the former approach gained the support of the US government we ended up with the “take a pill” approach for everything. The truth is - a combination of the best of both approaches works best. That’s what they do here at the Hufeland Clinic.

To experience this approach is quite a paradigm shift for us. For example in the US when you get chemotherapy treatment for cancer it seemed strange to us when we first saw those hope-less looking people with scarf covered heads sitting in chairs around the perimeter of the room getting IV’s of cell destroying chemo. This was the only option offered us.

Here at Hufeland my wife entered a similar room lined with chairs with smiling and jovial people. Gloria took her place among them, had a half pint of blood removed, it was infused with ozone then re-infused into her system. She will do this twice a week. This effort by a medical establishment to do something to boost the body’s inner systems is a new paradigm a new experience for us

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