There’s More than Healing

One of the challenges for us as Christian believers is wondering why Jesus hasn’t healed my wife. We have prayed. We have simply asked, hoping. Those who came to Jesus for healing also had hope that He could help them. They simply asked and their hope was not disappointed.

However there were some whom Jesus didn’t heal right away when they asked. In Mark 7:24 there was a story of a woman who asked for a demon to be cast out of her daughter. Before He granted her request Jesus entered into a discussion with her appearing to almost be discouraging her.

In John 9:1 we read the story of a blind man whom Jesus didn’t heal right away but anointed his eyes with mud and sent him away to a pool to wash. The man was healed there.

In Mark 8:22 there is a story of another blind man brought to him for healing. Jesus took the blind man out of the town spit on his eyes and touched him. At that point the man said he could only see men “as trees walking” Jesus touched him again and he was healed. We could also mention Lazarus whose sisters requested Jesus to come and help him. Jesus waited a few days before He came and he died. (see John 11)

What if these hurting people had given up hope because Jesus didn’t come through right away? These souls were privileged not only to have healing but to be used in the process of teaching eternal truths. The truth is, the Lord most likely has something more than a simple healing in mind for us. He probably has many things for us to learn through this. So we hope and will keep hoping and I would encourage you to hope with us. We must continue looking forward waiting for something good to happen.

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