The Truth Card

Congratulations, if you are a Geocacher you have found it! Welcome to a new feature of Glorious Truth. Please register the name of the geocache in which you found the Glorious Truth Card by clicking on comments below. If you would like a free book filled with Glorious Truth you can e-mail your name and mailing address to Happy Caching. :)

12 Responses to “The Truth Card”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    I found this card at the cache named Wenatchee City. I will pass it on the next time we are out caching.

  2. Owen Says:

    Great Tiffany, we actually live in California but were in Washington over the holidays so I found a few caches in the snow while there. Keep on caching! Scaldabanco

  3. Mason_337 Says:

    Found and will bring it to the next one.

  4. Big K Says:

    Found it in A cache with a catch. Will move it on.

  5. GeorgiaPNUT Says:

    Found the card in “Redwood Empire Miwok Cache to Eagle #11″ in Sonoma yesterday. Moving along soon.

  6. olddirt2 Says:

    We pick up the Truth Card in the Casa de Ren Cache in Azalea Park on the south end of Brookings, Or. We will leave it at the next cache we find.

  7. Jeff Says:

    scaldabianco - found your message in a bottle in the trash can at Goat rock state beach. Pulled out the message and recycled the bottle. Thansk.

  8. zx6lady Says:

    We found this card in the “Roadside Cache” and thought we’d move it on.

  9. theLmanns Says:

    found truth card at “end of CA299E cache” in Surprise Valley, CA we’er headed to Indiana.

  10. Taisce'neire Says:

    Found it in Oakland Riverra and will place in another one soon.

  11. The Yaghs Says:

    Found the card in Carson City, NV (Carson City V&T Depot Cache) on May 4,2013. Will be sending it on this coming weekend. Happy caching! :)

  12. Philip Benner Says:

    Found this in the “Hanging around Genoa” cache in Genoa Nevada, the sight of the notorious lynching of Adam Uber in 1897. He put a curse on the lynchers and their descendants which apparently is still effective. We will put the card in another cache in the Sacramento area today.

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