Be Set Free

Almost all of us can think of a time when we have been bound up by something. We are in bondage to emotional challenges and feelings. We are held captive by social predicaments. We are struggling to get out of oppressive addictions, traditions, relations, and any number of situations.

Think about it right now. What is it in your life that you would like to be set free from? Is it a health challenge? Is it a relational challenge? Is it a financial challenge? Is it a moral challenge or even a spiritual challenge? Is it an attitude?

Jesus said something most profound that it would be well if we took note because it applies to every aspect of our lives. He said; “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” I don’t think we have really considered the real importance of that statement to every aspect of our lives.

Let’s take for instance a very practical example in our life and one that is increasingly on our minds especially as we get older, our health. Think of the lies that we believe about health and the bondage that comes to us because we believe them. For instance we may believe that common disease is inevitable and it is our doctor with the use of prescription drugs or surgery which gives us the best hope of survival. I don’t know how else to say it but “It’s a lie”. Because we embrace that lie we continue to experience disease in our society at increasing rates not to mention the side effects of the treatments we are given.

The truth is that our health is in our own hands. We are responsible for our own health. The traditional diseases that plague our society do not have to plague us. The truth is that a very large percentage of heart disease and cancer for instance could be prevented if we would just live within the physical laws that make up our being. If we would but embrace these truths we could be set free from the diseases that plague our culture. But alas we prefer lies not the truth. The truth could set us free from that which plagues us but no we prefer bondage, disease and death.

There is not one aspect of our existence that isn’t governed by principles of truth. If you can show me one then I’ll show you a piece of green cheese I scooped up off the moon. We believe lies about what it takes to be happy. We believe lies about what it takes to raise children. We believe lies about what it takes to make a marriage work. We even believe lies about the spiritual realm.

Let’s take some time today and identify the areas in our lives in which we are in bondage. Let’s identify the lies that we believe which put us into bondage. Then let’s make an all out search for the truth that can set us free from that with which we struggle.

6 Responses to “Be Set Free”

  1. Ralph Says:

    It is so true, Owen, that we need to take control of our own health, and not be carried by every “fix” out there, wheher it be from the medical establishment or from a naturalistic/wholistic standpoint.

    In my way of thinking, to “know” the truth means you must be come “one” with it making it a part of your being. And in reality, Jesus is the truth. Knowing (becoming one with} Him sets us free, but not necessarily from sickness, disease, or calamity. I believe those freedoms are yet to come. Knowing Jesus only makes us free from sin.

    I believe that Satan knows the truth, but it will never make him free from anything. He has decided to live apart from God, a counterfeit freedom if you will. As humans, we have the same option . . . to be one with Jesus or live apart from Him.

    And then there’s Job. From what we can tell, Job lived his life according to the truth, but illness and calamity came anyway. Even David questioned why, at times, the wicked prosper and the good suffer.

    So, one must consider the “big picture” in all of this. Truth (we’ll say God, in this case) has had to allow for a temporary departure from the absolute freedom(s) that it will ultimately give us. This, so the most important truth in all the universe will be one day be acknowledged by all created beings, i.e., GOD IS LOVE!

  2. Ralph Says:

    I would like to clarify one thing I said in my previous comment. I said knowing Jesus makes us free from sin. I think a better way to state that would be, “knowing Jesus makes us free from the eternal results of sin.”

    We are affected by sin and its consequences every day whether or not we know the truth. It may be our own ignorance of truth that brings bad consequences, or maybe someone elses. Second hand smoke comes to mind.

    We live in a world full of sin. The battle between truth and error, good and evil, Christ and Satan is being waged all around us. Knowing truth does’t shield us from the horrors of war. I saw much evidence to the contrary in Europe as I learned of the price paid by hudreds of thousands, if not millions of people who put their faith, and their lives on the line.

    But, knowing truth, and, more importantly, standing up for it, will ensure our being on the side of victory.

  3. Owen Says:

    You are right Ralph. While it may be true that knowing (becoming one with) the truth in some aspect can benefit us and save us from self induced troubles in this life, it is also true that in this war we are surrounded by people and principalities and powers that haven’t embraced the the truth and we are affected by it like your second-hand smoke example. That is one of the truths of the universe, “the innocent suffer because of the sins of the guilty”.

    Don’t you think however that it could be said Jesus (the truth) sets us free from sin and it’s eternal results as well as some of the present results. For instance if knowing Jesus brings the truth about the bad effects of smoking for instance and we quit, don’t we have a present benefit along with the eternal benefit?

  4. Ralph Says:

    Yes, Owen, we do recieve benefits in the present for taking ahold of truths. In the case of smoking, a person’s energy and stamina and an overall feeling of vitality may be the present benefit. If any damage incurred from this activity, ill effects may not become apparent until years later.

    The bottom line (truth) is that benefits, immediate and future, do come from knowing the truth and embracing it. And, truth be told again, the effects of ignoring the truth, innocently or willfuly, also can be immediate and/or future.

    Knowing the truth is difficult. It has been mixed with error. I think that began in the Garden of Eden. Wisdom is what we need. How does the mixing of error with truth relate to God’s jsutice mixed with mercy? Maybe thats a different thread.

  5. Owen Bandy Says:

    So it would seem that we should be on an all out search for truth. We should be seeking to extricate it from the swamp of error and embrace it for dear life. I think if we seek for it with all our heart we will find it because it longs to be found. Our minds deep down inside really want to find it because deep inside we all know that our lives are at stake if we don’t find it. This life and the life to come.

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