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Spent the day today walking through the Roman Forum, Coluseum, as well as the Church of Jesus (Jesuits)  It is amazing the complexity yet the consistency of a nation like Rome that lasted 600 years!  Unbelievable almost. The nation of Rome certainly fulfilled God’s purpose from the time of Christ’s birth until it’s demise.

We also saw the Mamertime prison where the Apostles Peter and Paul were imprisoned before their execution.  We also walked some of the Appian Way, the rout that Paul walked while being brought to Rome for his imprisonment.

Going in my imagination to these times, events and places serves to make them come alive.  The truth is “We have nothing to fear for the future except we forget how God has led us and His teaching’s in our past history”  Again those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.  What are we repeating that we shouldn’t have to be if only we would educate ourselves about others who have gone over the same ground. As we have looked at the layers of generations in the archaeology of this old city it seems each generation just built upon and repeated the same mistakes.  Why do we keep building on and going over the same ground? The truth is the past is past and we shouldn’t be living in it or we are going to just repeat it. The truth is we need to make a break and break new ground.

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  1. Anni Says:

    So true about rebuilding on top of failure. The only way to avoid repeating the same mistakes is to first seek restoration. That entails a hefty history lesson during which we actually LEARN from our mistakes, an acceptance of our faults and flaws, a willingness to be taught new ways, and formation of a plan that we can follow that will not produce the same results. What’s that definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Yep, done that a time or two.

    I think we have a problem with humility. Learning from history requires a swallowing of Pride which seems almost impossible to most humans. It is the original Problem and will remain humanity’s downfall until something changes in us. I guess the only way I can help is to let that start with me.

    Have a wonderful time exploring the history — wish I were there with you.

  2. Van Says:

    Good points Anni and Owen. History does seem to repeat itself. We could probably give the world’s history a title, one I will borrow from Hollywood . . . “Dumb and Dumber.” I don’t think humanity will ever learn.

    I’m a teacher and even in education, “new” methods of teaching come down the pike every so often. Many of these, when looked at closely, are just cousins of something already established or new verses of the same song, IOW, just new spin on previous methods.

    On a similar point, as I looked at the ancient Roman ruins, strippd of their marbled surfaces I was reminded of how the Roman church of the past (present) built its “Christian” theology upon pagan principles. Much of the marble one sees in St. Peter’s basilica and other churches was taken from the Colosseum and the many buildings of the Roman forum and senate. I remember one church in particular that was actually built on what appeared to be the main floor of a senate building.

    Maybe the reason we tend to repeat some mistakes is because they actually become the “excuses” in our lives for our condition. And, if enough people hear about it, then we can become an object of sympathy and attention. I guess, in some sort of a twisted way, it becomes a badge of honor.

    Whatever the case, we need help. Good thing we have a Creator-Redeemer that provides the honest truth about our condition. We need to first become “Smart” and accept the truth of our condition, and then “Smarter” and let the Spirit of truth live in our hearts.

  3. Owen Says:

    History is just a record of people and their decisions and actions. Without people there would be no world history. It’s true we keep making the same “Dumb” decisions over and over. Every generation seems to re-invent the same square wheel.

    As you say Ralph it’s almost honorable to keep repeating history even though it doesn’t work. I heard a country song on the radio the other evening, the lyrics went something like this: “Hank why do you keep drinking and smoking?” Hank’s answer was “I’m just keeping up the family tradition”. It may be a badge of honor to one but to another it’s “Dumb and Dumber”.

    I like that instead of “Dumb” and Dumber” we need to become “Smart” and “Smarter” But as Anni said it takes humility to admit the past was wrong and that we need a newer and smarter future. The truth here according to the Biblical view is that we need the Holy Spirit to bring about this change in us.

    Maybe another reason history repeats itself because we don’t have enough imagination to think of anything except what we have already seen. People need to start thinking outside the box.

  4. Daniel Says:

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