First Days in Rome

It’s Sabbath evening and I haven’t had access to the internet for a couple of days.  Friday morning the Hogates and us spent some time in the St Angelo Castle on the Tiber river then caught the bus back to the main train terminal, and then WALKED from there to the motel that we are staying in until Tuesday morning.

Friday afternoon we visited the catacombs and as well as a church dedicated to the Apostle Paul.  The great cathedrals are amazing and the thoughts of the early church being under the persecution of the Roman Empire are sobering.  There are times I am afraid I have taken my faith for granted. “Oh that we like they could die for thee” is what the hymn says.  Think about it.

This afternoon we visited some other churches as well as the hill in Rome that held the home of Emperor Nero.  A home that covered over a hundred acres and maybe as much as three hundred.  Not all of it is excavated.  Think about Nero who had the Apostle Paul executed, he also murdered his mother.  What truth is to be learned in this?  For one thing sin has sometimes ruined people.  He died by suicide at only thirty two years old.

In the Castle of St Angelo we discovered that the motto of the Papacy was. “Festina Lente”   It means “slowly in haste” and means “taking action after reflection”.  We were amused by this because Ralph has always repeated a motto of his own which is “go slow to go fast”.  Isn’t it true that sometimes you can make more headway quickly by taking your time and going slow?

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