Symbols of Truth

The desire to believe we have the “truth” exists all around us.  At the very core of the human quest for knowledge is the desire for truth. Throughout time and culture there have been different words as well as  images drawn upon by mankind to illustrate or represent “truth”.

For instance “Light” itself as an element has often been used as an analogy for truth, as opposed to darkness which has often represented error, the perfect opposite of truth.  When we find truth we often speak of ourselves as enlightened.

When it comes to mere words “Actuality” is a word that to me represents that which is true.  This is similar to “Reality” which speaks of that which is “real”.  That which is real is true and actual.  We could also speak of “facts ” - a word which also represents that which really is.  We often speak of that which is “right” whether it be with reference to philosophy, behavior, or facts.  Whatever is right is true.

The fact that languages of all cultures have developed words or symbols to represent “truth” is an indication to me of the basic desire and need of our very natures to know and identify truth.  It’s built within us.  The natural desire of people to identify what is true and real exists all around us.

Here at Glorious Truth I will periodically use some of these common words and images as I speak about my search for truth.  I would like to know what symbols and words you use when you speak of truth.

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