Truth Matters

Someone might ask; “What difference does it make if I know the truth?” My answer to that question is that, “Truth matters.”Consider yourself driving down the road. From all appearance it’s a straight road. The truth is that one mile ahead over a hill is a hidden sharp right turn. Your going along at ninety miles an hour and you see a sign that alerts you to slow down to thirty five miles an hour so you will be able to make the turn ahead. Suppose you say, “It doesn’t matter.” and just keep going ninety. I think you get the point. Truth matters.

For instance, apply that principle to your spiritual life. Suppose you have views about God and spirituality that aren’t true. It may be that you will find yourself on the wrong side of the road. In every area of life there are always negative consequences of not knowing the truth but believing an error. It behooves us then to make sure that we know what is true in the spiritual realm.

What about your physical health? Suppose society or doctors or marketeers tell you something about what you should eat or do to be healthy. Does it matter if what they are telling you is the truth? Of course it does. Almost every week we hear about people who are harmed by following the latest recommendation. It is really important that you take time to find out the truth about how you can best be healthy.

Have you ever wondered why your relationships don’t work? It’s probably because someone isn’t acting in accordance with truth as it relates to how healthy relationships work. Embracing the truth about relationships can help you avoid all manner of surprising turns.

What about our environment? Is it true? Are we destroying our environment because of things we are doing? Wouldn’t it be a shame if we were to go along acting in accordance with ideas that were harming us believing that they weren’t harming us?

If we are going to achieve success in life, truth matters. Avoid it at your own peril. Cling to lies and you will find yourself continuing to crash along the road of life. Don’t let laziness, tradition, or blindly following hold you captive. Search for truth yourself, because truth matters.

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