Truth is Truth

A very important proposition that we must embrace before we can move forward to the truth about anything is that “truth is truth”. According to Webster truth is, “the body of real things events and facts”, or the property of a statement “being in accord with fact or reality.” Truth even embraces “spiritual reality” according to Webster. Truth therefore is that which is real or actual in all aspects of life.

I’ve heard people say something like, “Well what’s truth to you is truth to you and what’s truth to me is truth to me.” For me to embrace that statement would feel like a cop-out. It is true that we all may have different perceptions of what we call “truth” but that doesn’t change what truth “actually” or “really” is. Truth stands by itself with or without my approval. I may have opinions but if my opinions are not in accord with what “really” or “actually” is, then our opinions are not truth.

When you look at the world today you see conflicting masses of people holding desperately to what they think is truth. People are going in all different directions, pushing and shoving each other to press their version of “truth” to the top. I wonder how many truly open minded people there are searching honestly and diligently for what the truth really is?

Our goal here at Glorious Truth is to search for what is “actually” or “really” truth. This requires an open mind. It requires that we not be stuck on what we have always believed but to really be openly searching to see if what we believe is actually true. Once we have discovered the truth as it actually is then we can, without risk, embrace it and incorporate it into our lives

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  1. Linda Dale Says:

    ‘Truth is truth’… Sometimes when I hear someone say that, it makes my skin crawl… I catch glimpses of so many atrocities that man has done to man in the name of “Truth”. It’s like the proverbial story of the blind men trying to describe what an elephant was like while touching only a part (the tail-he’s like a rope, the trunk-he’s like a snake, a leg-he’s like a tree, etc.) of the creature. Their ‘truth’ was only a part of the whole–it wasn’t false, or an untruth–just not a full picture. I think we can do the same thing so easily in every pursuit of life, and especially in the spiritual search since we put such ‘eternal’ consequences on whether a person has/knows the truth or not.

    When Jesus said that HE was the Truth, it caused me to realize that any dogma/doctrine that I thought was THE truth and the ONLY truth had to measure up to a living, breathing human being/son of God. We are always changing and growing and learning and becoming. Truth now carries with it those living qualities. Truth has a transfiguring ability. It now can be many things to many people as in the few loaves and fishes feeding 5000 hungry people. If a person tries to discover Truth, decides that the Truth they discovered is the only truth and then tries to shut down any other voices that may say something different–then the very stones will cry out, and probably not in a monotone…

    So, for me, my search for truth is embodied in the everlasting gospel principle of Love. The glasses of Love are what I view through when searching for Truth. That used to sound simplistic & trite to me. But as I journey on, it has become a very demanding discipline to be guided by…
    One that transcends doctrine, dogma, denomination, or demographics.
    This is actually and really Truth for me. I have actually and truly embraced this into my life.

  2. Owen Says:

    Thanks for your comment Linda. When I read what you say here it seems you are speaking more about what people have done with respect to “truth”. For instance you mention the “atrocities” people have done to “shut down” others in the name of truth. I would agree that there are a lot of people who have and are doing that, but what people do doesn’t change the fact that “truth is truth” and it’s still there for the finding.

    I’ve always thought the blind man and the elephant is an interesting metaphor but it certainly isn’t a metaphor that encompasses the whole picture. It may be true that many inhabitants of the world are like blind people groping in the dark but it doesn’t have to be that way. The same Jesus who said “I am the way the truth and the life” (John 4:6) said “And you shall KNOW the truth and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32) So I can only conclude that in spite of the fact that many people are groping around in the dark Jesus wants us to know the truth, and to experience the freedom that knowing it gives us. We can’t let the abuse that some people have perpetrated stop us from believing that we can find and know the truth.

    Let me challenge you a little. When you mention the principle of Love being the guiding factor in your search for truth, If you are just blindly groping around the elephant how do you know you have the right perception and the truth about Love? How do you know that what you think is Love is not just a tail, or a trunk? It seems that if we are going to say that we are not able to apprehend truth but are just groping around in the dark for it then we should not make dogmatic statements about Love being a guiding factor. That could be classified as a doctrine and could be interpreted by some as being judgmental and an effort to “shut down” those who believe they know the truth. Just a thought.

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