Basics of Truth

Truth has been given a bad rap. In a world where relativism is the order of the day, the idea of truth has slipped into a black hole and we have lost an awareness of its nature, its beauty and form. This is the first of several basics of truth, that the cultures of our world are not inclined towards finding truth.

Because we have drifted so far from even the idea of truth in our culture there are certain basics that we must recover before we can even begin.  We must go back to kindergarten as it were.  If we are ever going to experience the freedom that truth brings we must understand what makes up the nature of truth.  We must understand how truth interfaces with the mind and how our minds were made to interact with it.

To speak of anything as objectively absolute or true is often seen as narrow and judgmental.  While it might be true that the chaos is coming from judgmental and narrow people the reality is that those people have become that way because they have failed to apprehend the truth about life.

When you look at the chaos in the cultures of our world you are seeing the results of a relativistic approach to life. If we all were searching for truth we would be drawing closer together.  Judgmental and narrow people have become that way because they have failed to apprehend the truth about life.

I have come to believe the truth that it is in the process of embracing things that are not true that we become narrow and judgmental and this leads to chaos. Those who set their minds on apprehending and embracing the the truth will find and make peace. Whenever people search for objective truth they begin moving towards harmony with their true selves and one another rather than pushing at each other from their respective relativistic platforms. Peace and freedom is always the result of the embracing of truth.

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  1. rick Says:

    the concept of truth is one that has been tossed about and studied for probably as long as humans have had reason. the relativism factor was thrust forward on the table of ideas by einsteins relativity theory and subsequent realizations that previously held paradigms of time, physical properties, and our ability (or inability!) to conceive of reality was forever changed. the discovery of new worlds, philosophical challenges to the status quo, advances in medicine, physics, botany, zoology, measuring instruments, the ’scientific method’, and industrial production, have come to radically change the nature of our society, what philosophical underpinnings would hold sway, and would call into question matters of faith.
    we are beginning to realize as a culture the implications of what happens when our underlying assumptions of such basics as newtons laws of physics, gravity etc, and of time and space and mass…..are stood on their head. if what we held as ‘truth’ is now shown to be an illusion or at best a narrow slice of a larger 3 and 4 dimensional truth, and of the existential challenge of having so many of our tacit ‘truths’, as a society and as individuals, swept away. do we stay embarrassed and mad at having been taught sincerely but wrongly? or do we go on and understand that things are different than we thought, than my parents thought, that my grandparents assumed? and who is to say that what we understand as ‘truth’ now is really ‘truth’, maybe it will be shown to be a misconception in 20 yrs?
    when the earth is no longer flat, when the sun no longer revolves around the earth, when time is relative, when up is not necessarily up….what do we do with this? what do we do with faith? does it by definition only touch on things that can not be proven (to be true or false)? i fear that society in general would be rather insane to give much credibility to what the popular church says today and in my view ‘the church’ does not equal ‘christ’. for as much as any church holds to a set of ‘absolutes’, they are setting themselves up to be judged by their own criteria, and their record is dismal. sure, the church is made up of fallible humans, but all too often they preach and impose in an infallible way…..what will be the next hypocrisy? the next war or oppression in christs name? the next grouping of people that must be legislated against? in my opinion, christ is quite absent when power is used over others….sure, his name is used, or ‘utilized’, but in the short and medium term, christs’ name is slandered and his love sullied and obscured.
    so, i guess one of the issues to come to grips with is the nature between faith and truth……….

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