The Right is Too Far Left

The real problem with the right, in this country, is that it is too far left. Most people live within the paradigm that the political choices we have in our society is between the right and left, the conservative and the liberal, the Republicans and the Democrats. But while we are looking at those two options on the political map, let us try, in a Google-like fashion, zooming out on the landscape. When we do this we discover on the right side of the map another landmark called the Constitutional Republic appears. what dawns on us then is that what we call the “right” is really left of the constitution, it is just that the “left” is a little bit farther left of the constitution than what we call the “right”.

When the founders came up with the American constitutional experiment it was out of a very careful study of the history of national politics. One thing was clear to the founders, “democracy” was anathema. “Democracy”, someone once said “is like two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch”. Democracy, or majority rule, always ends up in an oligarchy where the majority takes power, the leaders of that majority take that power to themselves and the populace is forced to submit.

The founders with the American constitution, created a very unique nation where law is the rule not the majority. This assures that the sheep does not become lunch for the wolves. This form of government is called a Republic. This is what the Roman Empire was until they transformed through the stages of democracy which then quickly slipped into the ruling class headed by the Caesars.

This is why the word “democracy” is not found in the constitution nor is it found in any of the state constitutions. But have you noticed how much we hear it all the time from politicians on both Democratic and Republican sides. Everything is about “democracy.” It sounds so virtuous and fair, but it leads to tyranny. Democracy opens the way for the wolves to have their way and eat the sheep for lunch. Both the “left” and the “right” in our country are so far left of the Constitutional Republic that they do not see the danger of a democracy and how important it is that we get back to the principles of the republic that our founders invisioned.

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  1. christinedrury Says:

    How do we do that? I think most truth is spiral or circular and not linear… if you go far enough left you end up right… and vice versa. Only we still call it left and right. Truth can easily end up being relative. What if you are one of the hungry wolves and your food supply is dwindling. What then? It’s easy to label the wolf as being a tyrant but if you are one of them and identify with their superiority… who is left to judge. I thank God Almighty I can trust that the Truth is fluid and is in HIM, not in my ideologies or where I stand or how I label myself.

  2. Owen Says:

    That which will be left to judge the wolves is the objective point of the law, (constitution in this case.) which tells the wolves they have no right to eat the sheep, and if they do there are consequences.

    I would agree with you that the truth is in Him, and that makes Him the one who (like the law) is the judge. He is the truth. Your understanding of the truth might be fluid, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the truth itself is fluid.

  3. Van Says:

    A nation ruled by law is the best. But its ultimate success is limited because laws must be enforced. How to enforce the law is where the rub is.

    As you pointed out, Owen, the most powerful end up being the enforcers. Sometimes the enforcers are too weak, sometimes too strong, In either case, those under the law are never happy.

    In the case of a democracy, the majority calls the shots, and the unhappy vote them out, or even sometimes rebel and revolt. In the case of a dictatorship (oligarchy), the minority calls the shots and the unhappy can only rebel and revolt.

    Then there is always the chance of being overthrown by one stronger. Its a no win. Earthly governments can only last at best a few hundred years, with maybe an exception or two.

    Establishing just laws is another huge facor. Where are those to be found? Laws give us truth, or is it the other way around? If truth is fluid in any sort of way, then the laws from which it is born cannot be trusted or just.

    So what do we do? Might I suggest Psalm 118:8 as a central starting point.

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