Can I Do This At Home? by Gloria

One of my greatest concerns about coming home from Germany was the challenge of maintaining at least some of the holistic treatments I was getting there.  I was relieved to discover a naturopathic MD close to home where I could get the vitamin C infusions and pleased that my open-minded oncologist was willing to continue with the low-dose chemotherapy for as long as necessary.

I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t a silent hope among some American doctors that maybe there is some- thing better than our current standard of care treatment for some types of cancer.  If so, it seems like they are  careful not to talk about it much, although my doctor did share with me that there are trials being done somewhere in Texas for the IPT (insulin-potentiation therapy) that I received in Germany, where IPT has been used successfully for two decades.  Since my tumor markers  continue going down, I’m encouraged that we’re on the right track.

Since coming home, my most challenging concerns have been in keeping focused on my health needs - despite daily living distractions; keeping unnecessary stress at bay; not regressing into old thinking habits and continuing to take good care of myself in regards to my struggle with anxiety.  When my husband came home early, leaving me alone in Germany for a month, I found it was easier for me to focus on just my own needs.  Having come home, I am consciously resisting my tendency of trying to please everyone around me, which in Germany was hardly ever an issue as there were no real or imagined pressures to meet the needs of others that I have typically experienced.

I was sent home with an assignment to keep a journal of my daily victories, defeats and what I’m learning about myself in regards to these.  This is serving me well and I’m planning to continue this method of self- accountability for a good long time.  I challenge anyone who struggles with breaking old habits to try it!

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