Gloria on “Do No Harm” How About “Do What’s Good”

Posted in the lobby here at the Hufeland Clinic, (like somewhere on a wall in most medical facilities) is the Hypocratic Oath which all physicians in all countries, apparently, are supposedly committed to. In a nutshell, it is their promise to their patients while they “practice” the art/science of medicine, to first of all, “do no harm”!

The more I read I’m appalled at the harm done in my country, by the seeming neglect to offer what has been shown to be safe and effective medical care. (Not to mention the medical mistakes, which constitute the third leading cause of death in the USA. Do no harm?)

For example, my daughter sent me a forward here the other day on the amazing benefits cancer-ridden laboratory rats are getting from the simple infusion of Vitamin C. This research was begun earlier on but was squelched by a double-blind study proving the lack of benefits of taking oral Vitamin C. Of course, that was comparing apples to oranges, so now we’re back to square one, “crossing our fingers”. as the article said, hoping this will be legalized before too many more cancer patients “kick the bucket”!

Vitamin C infusions are given here at Hufeland on a regular basis, along with other protective vitamins and trace elements because, according to current research findings, these substances protect against free radicals. A doctor who says to a patient, “I don’t think much of that”, is often simply revealing that he/she knows nothing about the subject! Because Vitamin C supports the immune system and your body’s own repair capabilities, it is vital for recovery! In quantity, “Vitamin C is the best broad spectrum antitoxin, antibiotic and anti viral there is”. per Abram Hoffer, M.D.

What “harm” can be done by using a simple substance like vitamin C when it can help. Is there not “harm” done by denying its use?

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