Gloria’s “Reformation”

According to the tourist information center, here in Bad Mergentheim, Germany, the local “Reform Haus” (or healthfood store) sells the town’s best selection of chocolates, known for their “anti-oxidant” properties, of course.  I’m not shopping for myself but for my daughter who is in hopes that I can find a certain special dark German variety wrapped in blue foil and filled with hazel nuts.  Yum!  Getting diagnosed with cancer has been a call for “reform” on many fronts in my life.  Reform takes sacrifice and I, for one, have long since stopped feeding my “sweet tooth”.

“Change” (another word for reform) seems to be the buzz word for both presidential candidates.  “Reform Washington!” is the cry.  We even hear about a change the wife of one of the candidates had to make in overcoming her addiction to prescription pain medicine.  She says her recovery includes continuing to talk to anyone willing to listen, about her battle and commitment to staying drug-free.  I have been encouraged to do that and maybe that’s why I’m feeling the need to contribute to my husband’s blog a few times while I’m making the needed “reform” in my life which also includes getting rid of some long-entrenched thinking patterns and behavior.

While living here in the land of the Protestant “Reformation”, I am realizing that “reforming one’s ways” sometimes means the pendulum has to swing a bit far in the opposite direction before finding that change is here to stay.  So please bear with me during this leg of my journey while I cement my resolve to “reform” by sharing each step of the way, in my endeavor to cooperate with God’s principles of healing.

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    Insightful post. Will require a good amout of time to think over this website:)

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