More Thoughts from Gloria - Trust

My program here in Germany, being a holistic approach, includes some psychological counseling.  Each time I’ve had a session here with my counselor, Frau Weidner, she has emphasized in her beautifully German-accented English, that I “need to trust more”.

it was on my early morning walk through the quaint little town here last week on my way to church when I noticed the things my mind was wrestling with and the anxiety I was feeling because of them.  It was while listening to the music of the fountain in the park and passing amidst the beautiful green trees that I was struck with the inharmonious sound of my own thoughts.

I didn’t have any stockings for church and hoped I didn’t offend anyone.  In addition to that I had left my Euros behind so had nothing to put in the offering plate.  “What will people think if I don’t give?”  Then just when I thought I was making good time I became stuck at the train track by a passing train which might make me late.  The pastor had gone to some effort so I would have translation for the services!  My shallow quick breathing alerted me that I was stressed.  The voice was shouting, “Gloria you’re not being a good girl!”

My life has been riddled with these symptoms of anxiety ever since childhood.  I remember as a little girl my mother giving me a paper bag to breath into to alleviate some of these symptoms.

What a lot of wasted energy when there were ducks to watch as I passed over bridges, sunshine to bask in to warm my stocking-less legs, not to mention that I have noticeably more stamina to even TAKE this kind of long walk!  I consciously chose to begin to think of my blessings and put these unfounded worries out of my mind and trust that things would be fine, a real learning curve for me to be sure.

When I got to church (just before the opening prayer) and was introduced to the lady next to me (who was stocking-less, as well), I had already felt relaxed and open to what God had just for me as a guest in His house!  Since I had no offering I’d decided to think of it as a symbol that I was there to receive the gift of His blessings today, more than try to please others with what I had to give.  I would just trust.

Jesus said, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me . . . and you shall find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

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