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The Third Leading Cause of Death

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

One of the things that has come to my attention in recent years is the fact that if you want to be healthy and live a long life you need to take responsibility for your own health. We blindly rely way too much on modern medicine to take care of us. They can’t do it and they aren’t doing it and they aren’t going to do it, and that is the truth.

Oh yes there are some things the medical community can do that we can’t do for ourselves but if you want to avoid the main killers of our culture like cancer and heart disease you have to think prevention and that is our responsibility. It is true there are some good doctors and nurses out there but their knowledge base is always limited just by virtue of the system that they have been trained in.

Do you realize that the third leading cause of death in America is medical errors!  We hear about it all the time. Most of us have heard stories of someone who has met that fate. You have to keep your eyes open and know what you want or you could become one of those statistics, those who die from the third leading cause of death - medical mistakes. The truth is if you want to live a long life you must take your health care into your own hands.