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A Theistic and Pan-Theistic Problem

Friday, November 16th, 2007

A Theistic Evolutionist who believes in God but believes that God created through the long process of evolution has some explaining to do. How does one account for death in the world?  If God created the world and used a process in which death was an element then I question what kind of a character God is.  Is He so unfeeling that he would plan to arbitrarily subject His creation, with no choice on their part, to suffering and death?  Is he like a pathological child that tortures animals and seems to have no feeling about it?  I’m not too attracted to Him if he is.

A Pan-Theist (One who believes that all nature is god itself)  has the same problem but maybe even worse.  The Pan -Theist admits that the god of nature has no personality or feeling but is the embodiment of good and evil, life and death with no care about it.  Neither is this kind of God appealing to me.  It’s incongruent with what I see in nature because animals as well as humans are capable of better feelings than this in their own personalities.

The Bible says”the wages of sin is death” ( Romans 6:23)  If death came long before sin was ever in the world then this statement and all the rest of the Bible is called into question.  The Bible says that “through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned”.  (Romans 5:12)

The Bible’s picture of a God who created the world and all the life in it in six days is much more appealing to me and much more consistent with what I see in nature.  Death was never meant to be part of God’s plan in this creation.  Men and animals were created to never die but to live forever according to the Bible’s view of God.  God loves life and so do we.

It is only because man sinned that death entered into the world. Death is man’s fault not God’s.  Unless you hold the philosophy of a Theistic Evolutionist or a Pan-Theist then you can believe that you are not responsible for death but God is.  Could it be that these ideologies have come about because we don’t want to take responsibility for what we have done to this world by bringing death into it.