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The Beast And Its Image Are Oligarchies

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Within my faith tradition, and based on a study of the Scriptures is the belief that the “beast” of Revelation will hook up with a religious / political power called the “image of the beast” to make an attempt to rule the world just before Jesus comes again.

While I won’t take time to go into it here, it can be easily established that the “beast” is the resurrected Holy Roman Empire that we know today as the Papacy, located in Vatican City in Rome. The beast’s counterpart or “image” can be easily identified in Scripture as a deteriorated phase of Protestant America. The uniting and cooperation of these two global powers will eventually result in the imposition of what the Bible calls “the mark of the beast”.

The thing that has been skipping around in my mind recently however, is just how this will develop and come to fruition. Many have felt strongly that this union will come about when the religious right in our country (the USA) will ascend to power and then join hands with the Papacy to form a religious political alliance. With this thought then, we tend to keep our eyes on the religious right. But in doing this have we played into a trap? Has the devil made an end run around us?

As I noted in my previous blog, “The Right is Left”, most people view the political landscape with a very narrow focus. The landscape, as they see it, stretches from the far right to the far left. What we noted there however, is that when using the American constitution as the anchor point, both left and right find themselves far left of the center.

The Papacy, being a child of the Roman Caesars, is a good example of an oligarchy. It’s not a democracy or a republic. It is the form of government that rules by a ruling, dictatorial class.

Over the decades the two main political parties that have made up our government’s elected leaders have been the Republicans and the Democrats. As noted before, both of these parties have been marching left, across the landscape, away from the constitutional republic given to us by our founding fathers.

It is this “leftward” march that is leading the USA down the road to becoming an “image” to the “beast”. While religious harmonies will be a part of this union, political harmonies will be in play as well. In the words of one of the founders of my faith tradition. “When Protestantism shall stretch her hand across the gulf to grasp the hand of the Roman power . . . our country shall repudiate every principle of its Constitution as a Protestant and republican government.” (Last Day Events 131)

The Right is Too Far Left

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

The real problem with the right, in this country, is that it is too far left. Most people live within the paradigm that the political choices we have in our society is between the right and left, the conservative and the liberal, the Republicans and the Democrats. But while we are looking at those two options on the political map, let us try, in a Google-like fashion, zooming out on the landscape. When we do this we discover on the right side of the map another landmark called the Constitutional Republic appears. what dawns on us then is that what we call the “right” is really left of the constitution, it is just that the “left” is a little bit farther left of the constitution than what we call the “right”.

When the founders came up with the American constitutional experiment it was out of a very careful study of the history of national politics. One thing was clear to the founders, “democracy” was anathema. “Democracy”, someone once said “is like two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch”. Democracy, or majority rule, always ends up in an oligarchy where the majority takes power, the leaders of that majority take that power to themselves and the populace is forced to submit.

The founders with the American constitution, created a very unique nation where law is the rule not the majority. This assures that the sheep does not become lunch for the wolves. This form of government is called a Republic. This is what the Roman Empire was until they transformed through the stages of democracy which then quickly slipped into the ruling class headed by the Caesars.

This is why the word “democracy” is not found in the constitution nor is it found in any of the state constitutions. But have you noticed how much we hear it all the time from politicians on both Democratic and Republican sides. Everything is about “democracy.” It sounds so virtuous and fair, but it leads to tyranny. Democracy opens the way for the wolves to have their way and eat the sheep for lunch. Both the “left” and the “right” in our country are so far left of the Constitutional Republic that they do not see the danger of a democracy and how important it is that we get back to the principles of the republic that our founders invisioned.

USA and the Reformation

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Having spent the last couple of weeks in Europe following the footsteps of Christians who found themselves in their conscience in opposition to political powers, I am more and more impressed with the need to appreciate and fight for the freedoms that they struggled for.

Many have tried to make a case that our nation was founded upon the “Christian Religion”.  The truth is that the USA was founded more specifically on Protestant principles and most specifically on the protestant principal of freedom of conscience in respect to worship.  This was clearly understood by the framers of our nation. Listen to the words of our second president John Adams:

“I love and revere the memories of Huss, Wickliff, Luther, Calvin, Zwinglius, Melancton and all the other reformers; how muchsoever I may differ from them all in many theological metaphysics & philosophical points.  As you justly observe, without their great exertions & severe sufferings the United States of America had never existed.”  (John Adams, 1821; quoted in The Founders on Religion: A book of Quotations page 15)

I’m afraid that the more our nation moves away from this core principal and towards a socialist form of society, the more likely we are going to lose our individual freedoms and return to the medieval form of society against which the Protestant reformers struggled with their lives.