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Welcome Home

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Welcome to Glorious Truth. This site is all about the search for truth, the truth about God, the truth about the universe and the world that we live in; the truth about ourselves, about life as we know it. It is my firm belief that finding and embracing the truth about the way life really is, makes all the difference when it comes to happiness, fulfillment and long life. Let’s share with one another about our search for truth.

Come on in and kick off your shoes. Put on a pair of slippers, serve yourself a warm drink, relax with me and and let’s muse together about glorious truth and how embracing it, can change our lives.

The Beast And Its Image Are Oligarchies

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Within my faith tradition, and based on a study of the Scriptures is the belief that the “beast” of Revelation will hook up with a religious / political power called the “image of the beast” to make an attempt to rule the world just before Jesus comes again.

While I won’t take time to go into it here, it can be easily established that the “beast” is the resurrected Holy Roman Empire that we know today as the Papacy, located in Vatican City in Rome. The beast’s counterpart or “image” can be easily identified in Scripture as a deteriorated phase of Protestant America. The uniting and cooperation of these two global powers will eventually result in the imposition of what the Bible calls “the mark of the beast”.

The thing that has been skipping around in my mind recently however, is just how this will develop and come to fruition. Many have felt strongly that this union will come about when the religious right in our country (the USA) will ascend to power and then join hands with the Papacy to form a religious political alliance. With this thought then, we tend to keep our eyes on the religious right. But in doing this have we played into a trap? Has the devil made an end run around us?

As I noted in my previous blog, “The Right is Left”, most people view the political landscape with a very narrow focus. The landscape, as they see it, stretches from the far right to the far left. What we noted there however, is that when using the American constitution as the anchor point, both left and right find themselves far left of the center.

The Papacy, being a child of the Roman Caesars, is a good example of an oligarchy. It’s not a democracy or a republic. It is the form of government that rules by a ruling, dictatorial class.

Over the decades the two main political parties that have made up our government’s elected leaders have been the Republicans and the Democrats. As noted before, both of these parties have been marching left, across the landscape, away from the constitutional republic given to us by our founding fathers.

It is this “leftward” march that is leading the USA down the road to becoming an “image” to the “beast”. While religious harmonies will be a part of this union, political harmonies will be in play as well. In the words of one of the founders of my faith tradition. “When Protestantism shall stretch her hand across the gulf to grasp the hand of the Roman power . . . our country shall repudiate every principle of its Constitution as a Protestant and republican government.” (Last Day Events 131)

The Unknown War

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

One of the most foundational truths in the Bible about the universe, is that we humans are caught in the crossfire of a great conflict between good and evil.  Not just caught passively in the crossfire but we have been sucked into the drama of the great battle and the battle has found it’s ground zero right here on this planet.  “And war broke out in heaven; Michael and His angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. So the dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” (Revelation 12:7-9)

Most of us live our lives completely unaware of what’s going on around us.  I remember when the reality of this first dawned on me.  It had quite an impact on my life.  All of a sudden things that were confusing to me began to make sense.  In my youthful search for meaning in this chaotic world this was like a great light coming on.  The apostle Paul touches on this golden thread of the Bible when he says, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

The important thing about this truth is not that it is a dogmatic proposition that we can cling to but it is a universal truth that provides a context for meaning in our personal lives.  This truth helps me begin to understand what is going on, not just in the broader chaotic events of the world but in the troublesome events of my own personal lfe.

A Light and Merry Heart - by Gloria

Friday, November 28th, 2008

My personality type tends to over-react to stressors, so I fall into a category of being “highly sensitive”.  I’ve had to work hard, for instance to break the habit of gasping while my husband is driving the car when I’m suddenly aware of what seems to be to be a potentially dangerous scenario, (which could make matters even worse as he reacts to my outburst).  I’m learning to relax and trust.  I remember as a child when my five-years younger sister and I accidentally started a fire in the skillet on the stove.  I was frozen in a panic while she simply reached up and put the fire out.  As a nurse, I’ve always carefully chosen my work settings, compensating for this tendency - and for good reason, stayed out of the emergency room!

Learning to relax under pressure, instead of grabbing at the oars in a desperate attempt to save ourselves, has a real payoff.  If a merry heart does good “like a medicine”, that merry heart needs to hang in there in the bad times, as well as the good times, and maybe especially then for the benefit of our overall health and well-being.

There were seven nurses at the Hufeland Clinic which I watched with interest.  All of them, though varying greatly in personality, seem to have mastered the art!  As soon as something would go amiss in the infusion room, they would begin lightening the mood with their cheerful and efficient ways until everyone was chuckling, including me.  Though I was not always able to catch on to the nuances of the humor because of the language barrier just the sheer laughter lifted me.

Laughter produces endorphins and improves immune function.  On the other hand an over reaction to stressors can hinder immune function.  There is a spontaneous kind of childlike laughter many of us abandoned somewhere along the road of life when we allowed its stressors to trick us into believing that life has too many dangers to let your guard down.

Highly Contented -by Gloria

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

The thought of being contented, no matter the circumstance really appeals to me!  I remember coming back to my room in the Hufeland Clinic in Germany after sharing some tea with my only friend and confidant there, a fellow patient.  We had the same language in common so for that reason we were seated together in the dining room for meals.  Our conversation that night held special significance because my precious new friend had just found out that her mother passed away that day.  I wanted to reach out to her and comfort her.  I soon realized, however, that she has been through enough challenges in life to be able to quickly put this new loss with its fresh pain, into perspective.  While she accepted my sympathy as we talked about her family and the plans they were making on the other side of the world in her absence, my heart was calmed by her demeanor.  The thought of death had become more loaded for me.

The scriptural challenge that “Godliness with contentment is great gain - for we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it . . .” (1 Timothy 6:6) came to mind.  Though she lost a child as a young mother, then her husband after only 30 “wonderful” years of marriage and at that point she had been battling cancer for a few years, I sensed my friend was already accepting this newest loss.  Most people would feel a bit ripped off, but not she!  Contentment has just become a way of life for her.  I want to become less rattled by the daily upsets in life and learn to be at peace, regardless of the circumstances.  If we believe that God is the “Master of circumstances” anyway, why should we be so very concerned when our boat starts rocking in the stormier times of our lives?  “When life gives you lemons  . . .”

Can I Do This At Home? by Gloria

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

One of my greatest concerns about coming home from Germany was the challenge of maintaining at least some of the holistic treatments I was getting there.  I was relieved to discover a naturopathic MD close to home where I could get the vitamin C infusions and pleased that my open-minded oncologist was willing to continue with the low-dose chemotherapy for as long as necessary.

I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t a silent hope among some American doctors that maybe there is some- thing better than our current standard of care treatment for some types of cancer.  If so, it seems like they are  careful not to talk about it much, although my doctor did share with me that there are trials being done somewhere in Texas for the IPT (insulin-potentiation therapy) that I received in Germany, where IPT has been used successfully for two decades.  Since my tumor markers  continue going down, I’m encouraged that we’re on the right track.

Since coming home, my most challenging concerns have been in keeping focused on my health needs - despite daily living distractions; keeping unnecessary stress at bay; not regressing into old thinking habits and continuing to take good care of myself in regards to my struggle with anxiety.  When my husband came home early, leaving me alone in Germany for a month, I found it was easier for me to focus on just my own needs.  Having come home, I am consciously resisting my tendency of trying to please everyone around me, which in Germany was hardly ever an issue as there were no real or imagined pressures to meet the needs of others that I have typically experienced.

I was sent home with an assignment to keep a journal of my daily victories, defeats and what I’m learning about myself in regards to these.  This is serving me well and I’m planning to continue this method of self- accountability for a good long time.  I challenge anyone who struggles with breaking old habits to try it!

Blessed to Receive?

Friday, October 17th, 2008

There is a popular adage that comes from the Bible that says, ” It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts20:35).  This saying popped into my mind as a seeming contradiction to something my wife Gloria had shared regarding her resolution to learn how to “receive” instead of merely giving.  After looking at the context of the adage it became clear to me that the Apostle Paul in quoting Jesus, was speaking of his own willingness, as a role model, to provide not only for his own needs but for the needs of others as well.  I don’t think anyone would argue that we humans have a selfish bent that needs to be addressed and a bit of encouragement to “give” now and then is in order.

The thought that there may be times when it is appropriate to address our need to know how to “receive” was thought provoking to me.  Another popular saying from the words of Jesus is , “Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” (John 16:24) So it is not only “blessed to give” but it is “blessed to receive” as well.  In fact how can we give unless we first receive.  We start our life as little children in the receiving mode.  It is only after we have received for a while that we can even begin to give in a conscious and meaningful way.

When we look at God’s world around us we discover that it is one massive, perpetual, receiving and giving system.  Every living thing receives and gives.  Plants and animals all receive nutrients and water, air and sunlight and in turn give fruits as well as beauty.  The truth is, all who lose the ability to “receive” will soon not have anything to give.

Gloria on: A Time to Take

Monday, September 15th, 2008

When I was 16 years old I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I was going to become a nurse.  I geared my high school curriculum with this in mind, taking a few college courses before-hand so I could accomplish my goal in a timely way.   I never read much as a kid so had no heroes such as Florence Nightingale and there were no medical people in my family.  Except for a broken arm when I was nine I had no real exposure to the field of medical science until I went away to nursing school.  I just somehow knew I’d “found my niche”.  No doubt It was related to the comfort zone I had found in the imagined role of taking care of every one in my family.

I’ve been a health-care giver for most of the past three and a half decades now, never dreaming I would be on the receiving end, especially as a cancer patient, a full decade before I am even old enough to retire! Alas, most of the “helping professions” have a down side, attracting those of us who would prefer not being an equal.  I’m finally learning that my very “giving” nature is in part responsible for a life out of balance with its subsequent health hazard.  I’m finally discovering this balance and sincerely believe that “give” AND “take” is where it’s at.

As an in-patient, I recently found out that the cleaning ladies normally make the beds here for the patients each day while they are having their various treatments.  In my “good girl” way I was carefully making my bed each day, even hanging the “do not disturb” sign on the outside of my door, trying to save “the help” from having to bother with my room.  When that didn’t work and I realized their job description included a daily routine of floor and bathroom cleaning, as well as bed tidying, I finally accepted the fact and even started to leave my bed unmade, symbolizing to myself that it’s high time I learned to take from someone who wanted to give to me!

Friendships flourish on this basis and while I have dear and wonderful friends, I’m not sure I’ve always been so wonderfully dear to have as a friend.  My tendency to “carry the world” has been an intimacy barrier for me in some ways.  I’m untouchably invincible when I’m giving in excess.  Only when I’m in crisis will I readily take support from others so there has been a lop-sidedness in my relationships that I’m realizing HAS TO GO!  The healthiest relationships are based on equality where lots of giving and taking are going on from both sides.  Even with the language barrier here, I’ve picked up that people want me to communicate my needs better.  If you’re cold, just ask for a blanket!  They can’t read my mind and I’m certainly not bothering anyone when I ask for something I need.

Jesus role-modeled the right balance when he asked for a drink from the woman at the well, or invited Himself to supper with a tax collector or received the gift of perfume annointing Him for His burial.  Even Jesus was dependent on others for a place to lay his head.  The ability to receive is as much a virtue as the ability to give.

Gloria on “Do No Harm” How About “Do What’s Good”

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Posted in the lobby here at the Hufeland Clinic, (like somewhere on a wall in most medical facilities) is the Hypocratic Oath which all physicians in all countries, apparently, are supposedly committed to. In a nutshell, it is their promise to their patients while they “practice” the art/science of medicine, to first of all, “do no harm”!

The more I read I’m appalled at the harm done in my country, by the seeming neglect to offer what has been shown to be safe and effective medical care. (Not to mention the medical mistakes, which constitute the third leading cause of death in the USA. Do no harm?)

For example, my daughter sent me a forward here the other day on the amazing benefits cancer-ridden laboratory rats are getting from the simple infusion of Vitamin C. This research was begun earlier on but was squelched by a double-blind study proving the lack of benefits of taking oral Vitamin C. Of course, that was comparing apples to oranges, so now we’re back to square one, “crossing our fingers”. as the article said, hoping this will be legalized before too many more cancer patients “kick the bucket”!

Vitamin C infusions are given here at Hufeland on a regular basis, along with other protective vitamins and trace elements because, according to current research findings, these substances protect against free radicals. A doctor who says to a patient, “I don’t think much of that”, is often simply revealing that he/she knows nothing about the subject! Because Vitamin C supports the immune system and your body’s own repair capabilities, it is vital for recovery! In quantity, “Vitamin C is the best broad spectrum antitoxin, antibiotic and anti viral there is”. per Abram Hoffer, M.D.

What “harm” can be done by using a simple substance like vitamin C when it can help. Is there not “harm” done by denying its use?

Gloria’s “Reformation”

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

According to the tourist information center, here in Bad Mergentheim, Germany, the local “Reform Haus” (or healthfood store) sells the town’s best selection of chocolates, known for their “anti-oxidant” properties, of course.  I’m not shopping for myself but for my daughter who is in hopes that I can find a certain special dark German variety wrapped in blue foil and filled with hazel nuts.  Yum!  Getting diagnosed with cancer has been a call for “reform” on many fronts in my life.  Reform takes sacrifice and I, for one, have long since stopped feeding my “sweet tooth”.

“Change” (another word for reform) seems to be the buzz word for both presidential candidates.  “Reform Washington!” is the cry.  We even hear about a change the wife of one of the candidates had to make in overcoming her addiction to prescription pain medicine.  She says her recovery includes continuing to talk to anyone willing to listen, about her battle and commitment to staying drug-free.  I have been encouraged to do that and maybe that’s why I’m feeling the need to contribute to my husband’s blog a few times while I’m making the needed “reform” in my life which also includes getting rid of some long-entrenched thinking patterns and behavior.

While living here in the land of the Protestant “Reformation”, I am realizing that “reforming one’s ways” sometimes means the pendulum has to swing a bit far in the opposite direction before finding that change is here to stay.  So please bear with me during this leg of my journey while I cement my resolve to “reform” by sharing each step of the way, in my endeavor to cooperate with God’s principles of healing.