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Proving Truth

Monday, June 4th, 2007

The only person you can prove anything to is yourself. I watched a debate on ABC’s Nightline recently where some Christians claimed they were going to “prove” to some atheists “that God exists”. I knew from the moment they made the statement they were in trouble. Their attitude was that they were going to overwhelm their opponents with so much compelling information that they would be forced to accept their premise. This goes against the most basic principle of how truth is received and thus taught. You may have heard the old axiom; “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still” and if that’s true (and I believe it is) then you have failed to prove anything.

As a seeker for truth myself I understand that the process of finding and receiving the truth requires personal desire, thought and consideration before I can assimilate an idea as my own or reject it as error. When someone comes to me as if they have the truth, overwhelming me with ideas and not allowing me to process and consider if it is true or not I usually tune them out.  Most searching and thinking people will.

On the other hand when teaching truth the most important thing is to know that those listening are engaged willingly with their own thinking process. The most important part of teaching truth is making sure your listeners are engaged as thinkers. Truth doesn’t need anyone to force it on anyone else.  It has it’s own natural appeal to those who are searching for it.  Through this process people are enabled to prove for themselves what is truth.

As a teacher of truth I am not out to “prove” anything.  I just present what is true and those who are honestly searching for truth will recognize it when they see it.  They can prove truth to themselves.